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Simplify Asset Management & Maintenance

Erohal is a cloud-based solution with IOT powered automated inspections and Artifical Intelligence induced issue identifications in your assets or facilities. Erohal aims to detect the likely issues in the assets at the very early stage and it recommends the possible solutions, swift work order management and service request generation along with the integration of various workflows of the relevant business processes. It connects with your existing gadgets / IOT devices via its cross-platform support by offering an Android, IOS and Web-based Application. It also offers a robust analysis and reporting support which translates insights into actionable work plans.


Maintenance Management

Automated Inspections

Reducing time and labour invested on manual inspections.

Empowering AI and IOT

Erohal takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet Of Things in core areas of the asset maintenance process to identify and predict likely abnormalities at an early stage, producing unimaginable results and aiding in the prevention of major failures, down time and inefficiencies to a great extent.

Go Real Time with AV

Collaborate and Communicate seamlessly with the Audio Video features, allowing asset personnel to engage with each other over Audio and Text messages. Video offers Image Capture capability so you can effortlessly capture, share and report the condition and state of your asset.

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